All Lights Cast Shadows

An Enemy Without a Face

Frey's Entry (7/7)

We survived our encounter with the large river monster. The beast waged a terrible battle against us. Tiberius was nearly lost, and several of our number took grievous wounds. When the monster was defeated, it revealed its true form. It was in truth a spirit. The spirit claimed to keep watch over all rivers. It also forms pacts and promises with those who know the way to do so. The spirit explained that it had attacked us to fulfill a pact it had made. It was required to test us as we sailed down the river. We were judged worthy enough, although it also stated that it had taken pity on us due to our encounter with the strange man and his serpent.

The spirit implied that the whole situation had been manufactured by someone in order to kill us. At first I suspected our goblin employer, but upon further discussion it seemed more likely to be the party that kidnapped him, whoever they may be. Our group has already made several enemies. It is possible that some church, be it mine or Johnny’s, was behind this. We may also have enemies that we do not even know of yet, and that is what leaves me uneasy.

We left the spirit’s company as suddenly as we had entered it, toppling over a waterfall. I found myself awakened by the groans of my companions and sharp but familiar pain. In spite of the fall, we all were relatively unharmed. Exploring our surroundings, we discovered that we had reached a different part of the cave system. The path branched and our two parties went our separate ways for a time. We encountered several of the giant ants that Johnny had spoken of earlier. Tiberius bore the brunt of their attacks, but we were able to defeat them quickly enough. We quickly rejoined the women only to be attacked by another ant, although this one was able to fly.

I hope that we see the end of these caves soon. Although I can only assume that we will meet more dangers before we are out of them. Someone wishes to see us removed from this world. It is likely that they will not stop threatening us until we are dead or they are.


bananulor TwoTonChimera

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