All Lights Cast Shadows

Arrival at Greenlake

Frey's Entry (10/13 and 10/20)

The giant worms proved not to be much trouble. Instead, we were attacked by strange creatures that emerged from their heads. The strange beings were able to misguide our perceptions and hide from us. This made the battle difficult. I am thankful that My Lady does not value me for my face, as I am fairly certain I obtained some new scars there during the battle. Eventually, we were able to finish them off.

We briefly explored the area, but the only way we could go led to a dead end. The fires continued to burn unnaturally along the path. Unable to carry on any sort of investigation, we turned our attention to a town nearby that we had noticed before we were attacked. This, we assumed, was the Green Lake the merchant had spoken of. Upon our approach, we were confronted by a mystic who questioned us on our intentions regarding the town. She showed no small ability in defending the site, conjuring high walls of fire from the water that surrounded the area. However, we were able to convince her that we meant no harm. We informed her of our mission to find the War Titan and she relayed to us that some large unknown thing had crashed into the lake not too long before our arrival.

Once we were allowed entrance, we explored the village briefly to gain our bearings. Upon investigation I noticed a home with a strange, powerful icon I did not recognize. Because I was unfamiliar with the symbol, I hesitated in further investigation. I did not wish to arouse unwanted hostilities if the inhabitants were not agreeable to Idestar’s rule, as it is with the Small Gods. After looking around, we retired to the inn. I was the first to arrive, as the others decided to occupy themselves at the local shop. When the others arrived behind me, a patron of the bar leaped up, confronting them, specifically Tiberius. After a heated exchange, it was revealed that this assailant of Tiberius’s own blood, a daughter he had never known.

The Child meant to join us, and Tiberius was forced to acquiesce by the magic sword that he himself had once wielded. Once again the subject of his trade of an artifact was raised. In any case, we are now in the company of Tiberius’s child. With this business finished, we retired to bed.

The next day it was decided that we would seek the War Titan in the lake. After speaking with the mystic again and the leader of the village, it was decided that Johnny, Vergil, and Tiberius’s child would attempt to swim to the Titan. Tiberius and I await their return on the dock in case the should arouse the Titan, requiring the two of us to attempt to stop it before it destroys the town.

My hope is that it will not come to that.


Now, don’t tell anyone, but I saw who was stabbing you in the face while you had that creature on you. It was… Tiberius.

Don’t tell him I told you. This is just between us. We’re good pals, right? Like I said, it totally wasn’t mean stabbing your face. You can trust me.


Arrival at Greenlake

Ahem. Wasn’t me stabbing you in the face, I meant to say.

Arrival at Greenlake
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