All Lights Cast Shadows

Fires Unnatural

Frey's Entry (10/6 and before)

Time has dragged since our arrival at the outpost.

I suppose it was necessary to rest, given that members of our party were gravely injured with poison. While I never got the full story as to how exactly Vergil and Eldamar recovered, they ended up fine and that is what matters. I myself was not present because the high priest at the outpost had need of me. I rejoined the combined party only briefly before the women decided to set out on their own. Apparently, our goblin employer designated us as their managers if he were to become unavailable. We sent them to seek him out while we decided to search for the war titan.

Before setting out, we decided it would be best to collect what information we could from the outpost as well as resupply. I was able to make an exchange with a human merchant who had been traveling around the area and knew about the war titan. She directed me towards a town in the northwest. With this information in hand, I returned to the party. However, we were not able to leave directly due to various distractions in the marketplace. I decided to procure us a room in the inn. Tiberius and Vergil seemed slightly ill at ease with their sleeping arrangements, but I did not see what the problem was.

We were finally able to leave the next morning. We set out towards the northwest and we continued that way peacefully for a time. We eventually ran into a number of bandits. The human merchant had been kind enough to warn me of them, so I was not surprised by this. We decided to fight them rather than pay their fees. By My Lady’s will I was able to defeat their leader just as things were beginning to look dire. Vergil was on the brink of death as we gained victory, but I was able to use some of the healing skills I had picked up through my teachings at the temple to revive him. With their leader dead before them, the bandits allowed us passage.

As we neared the town, we noticed a mysterious fire that had sprung up nearby. The fire burned, but it did not consume. There were also monstrous worms in the area. This whole situation strikes me as unnatural. I pray for My Lady’s protection.


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