All Lights Cast Shadows

Holes in Space and Time

Tiberius, 6/9

When our enemies were killed for a second time, they knew better than to come bother us again. A pity, as I found killing those dragonborn rather cathartic for reasons that should be abundantly clear. In any case, that left our party trapped in a small… room? space? plane? with no clear way out. There were various odd glowing bits to our cage, and it was assumed that the proper manipulation of such would free us. This turned out to not be the case. There was this dull blue field that acted like a nearly solid fog, only serving to slow one down. Some spiraling vortexes were scattered in the corners of this place, and it was discovered their function was to move whatever entered them to another place. This was initially believed to be our way out, except that one only exited at another vortex in the same room. In the center of the room was an angry red blotch that only served to do all manner of unpleasant things to those that entered it. There were only the fluorescent walls to our prison (which I discovered were not an exit) and a mirror. With all other possible exits eliminated this was our last chance. Touching it did nothing, and neither did magic, so I smashed it. That worked. It’s surprising how much can be accomplished by sufficient violence.

Our intrepid group found itself in a new place. Unfortunately still not the familiar landscape of our world, but by the glowing blue walls we were in a different part of the same plane. Behind us was a window, and in front of us were some very odd elemental incarnations. It soon became apparent that they had neither the desire nor the ability to help us, something about routing and magical shears. The path forward was obviously through the ever-shifting mirror, but still my companions insisted on talking to the creatures. In any case eventually even the elementals suggested we should leave through the window, and we listened.

We were back on our planet and even in the same area, but not all was as we remembered it. The swamp, already not a particularly pleasant land had been transformed into a hellish pit of fire, bone and blood. We found and were joined by an entity that called itself “Barkus”, which I quickly discovered was the new form of those three metal dogs that were for some inane reason infatuated with Vergil. We killed some not-dwarves and while the immediate area was clear there was a wall of bones blocking our path. At least, until I smashed a hole in it. Through the hole we continued, finding that one gnome and a line of his not-dwarves as backup. Actually most of this was an illusion, the dwarves were actually hell-beasts and the gnome was not there at all. In any case our enemies died and we continued, finally reaching the locus and our “allies”. They claimed this was not a good place for us, and we agreed. This time, they sent us to a place that was actually of this world.

Unfortunately, as my friends and Vergil discovered, it was not a place we wanted to be. We were surrounded by our antagonists, the same antagonists that had stolen my Sword. They wished for us to come meet their employer, whom they claimed was also ours. In any case we were exhausted from the fighting earlier, and as their employer had somehow known this was where our party would pop back into reality he was not a man to cross. We followed.


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