All Lights Cast Shadows

Lost on the Way

Johnny's Journal 6/9

Once we had cleared our immediate surroundings of hostiles, we began to try to find our way out of Void Space. It seemed that the mirror would be our way out, but we did not know how to utilize it. Eventually, Tiberius smashed it. Fortunately, that was a good idea. We were transported to another part of Void Space, and questioned by four creatures who claimed to be the embodiments of the four elements. The reason for these questions and their significance are as yet unknown to us.

The creatures seemed to know something of the area. They claimed to live there. They told us our “routing information” was scrambled, probably as a result of our unconventional entrance into Void Space. I imagine that whenever one goes through Void Space to another realm, the process lays some sort of path for them. This path was something that we lacked, which resulted in our particular route leading through some kind of hell.

We arrived in a pit of flame and bones, surrounded by walls of both. Skeletal colossi attacked dwarf(s). Those/that thing(s) had returned, to my dismay. For the second time, we were confronted by the gnome who created this/these abomination(s). We believed that we defeated him, but it seemed that he had somehow managed to inhabit a corpse, or perhaps animate it with pure psychic energy as he did with the dwarf(s). I hope one day to ensure that his mind is no longer a part of reality. But that is for another day.

When we escaped from this hell-pit with the help of our new comrade Barkus and our less new allies in the war for the locus, we found ourselves in a field. Waiting for us, at the exact location where we emerged from an unplanned journey through space and time, were the four women who ambushed us outside the temple where we found the Human’s Sword. (I feel it merits capitalization.) They said that their master wished to hold palaver with us, albeit using younger words. It would be impractical to fight them now, and I am curious to meet this elusive man, woman or whatever it is that can predict our movements through space and time with such accuracy. There is also the possibility that their employer is also our employer, in which case, we have our own obligations to go.


bananulor jaguillette

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