All Lights Cast Shadows

Poems by Vergil

Taken from Vergil's Diary

A Chicken Haiku by Vergil
By Vergil

Chickens are quite fowl

They peck my legs it hurts ow

Cluck cluck they will die


The Chicken by Vergil
By Vergil

Once upon a square-like land, with nothing ‘neath my feet but sand,
I thought myself, “Verily forth, my favored and fair friends this doeth suck.”
While I shopped and bought through heckling, suddenly there came a pecking,
As of one’s most deadly pecking, pecking at my foot oh shucks,
Quoth the chicken, “Cluck clucks.”

By Vergil


The New Day Comes by Vergil
By Vrgil Vergil

Chickens haunt me day and night
Through morrow’s sorrow ’n morning light
The fowl fiend foes fair perfect fright
The new day comes, and I do suffer

Dismiss you not their tiny stature
Their imp-like minds are keen to capture
Your life your soul your joy and rapture
The new day comes, and be prepared

Be prepared for horrible deeds
The chickens plant with terror seeds
With pecks and whispers and devil creeds
The new day comes, and dim light fades

Revelation comes through open pore
The right has come to lead me fore
Ghastful geists gain gust no more
The new day comes, and the chickens will die.

By Vergil


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