All Lights Cast Shadows

The Frying Pan, to the Fire, to the Frying Pan

Frey's Entry (6/9 session)

The road we are on has taken many turns in the past few hours. We were able to escape that strange world in which we were trapped. I was at first opposed to the use of brute force to facilitate our escape, I feared that we would be unable to leave if we destroyed the mirror. In the end, my fears were unfounded and breaking the mirror allowed us to advance. We were then thrust into the presence of four beings that called themselves Air, Earth, Water, and Fire. They were very odd. However, they helped us as much as they could, something we were thankful for. They advised us on how to exit the Void Space, although they also cautioned us about the world we were returning to. Ultimately, we had no choice but to leave the Void Space. I was glad to be out of that place, and yet, a part of me wished we could have stayed a bit longer. There was a closeness I felt there that was stronger than anything I have experience before. Except for, perhaps, that one time.

Upon our exit of the Void Space we were confronted with a burning hell scape. We had returned to the area of the locus, now destroyed beyond recognition. We encountered a creature that referred to itself as Barkus. If I have understood correctly, Barkus is some sort of perversion of Vergil’s three mechanical dogs. It proved itself useful in battle, helping us defeat the emissary from Johnny’s Church. The gnome put up a strong fight, in the end it was not even truly him who was there. Still, he vowed to see us destroyed before he vanished. This now makes two rather powerful individuals who wish to see us dead.

We were able to rejoin our allies for a few brief moments, but we were sent away again for our own safety. This time we thankfully remained on the same plane of existence, but we were not the luckiest in our destination. We found ourselves face to face with the group of women that were able to defeat us before. They told us our presence had been requested by their “boss,” and that they were not looking for a fight. While I am moved to mistrust these individuals. I do not think fighting them is the best choice at present. With so many looking to do us harm, wasting our energy in combat against those not looking to fight us is unwise. Hopefully, I will be able to convince my companions to stay their blades.


bananulor TwoTonChimera

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