All Lights Cast Shadows

When Seconds Feel Like Hours

Frey's Entry (6/30)

The Black Sheep and I rejoined Tiberius and Vergil along with a few of the females’ number as well after we completed our trek through the caves. We were joined shortly after by the remaining members of both parties. Some of our companions had had as hard of a time in the caves as we had, so we decided to rest in the cave. At first I was uneasy about leaving only one of the women on watch, but the nobody else seemed to have any objections, so I said nothing. As it happened, my fears were unfounded, and we made it through the night.

Johnny reported that on his travels through the cave he had discovered a raft on a river. No one else reported seeing an exit to the cave, so that seemed to be the only way out. We followed Johnny back through the cave and found the raft he spoke of. We boarded and set off down the river.

What most of us believed was going to be an uneventful journey soon became an aquatic battle. Time seemed to slow down. Monsters rose from the river and attacked, dragging members of both parties into the water and assaulting the raft. The cat girl’s pet, a lion, was killed in the midst of battle. I managed to remain on the raft, fighting off enemies fool enough to get too close. A strange creature mounted on a giant water snake confronted us. He claimed we were trespassing and swore to kill us before we reached our destination, but the fight did not go in his favor. It looked like the battle’s end was at hand. That was when a huge monstrosity rose from the depths of the river from behind the raft. I was astonished by its great size, and I felt a twinge of fear in my gut.

I pray that Idestar delivers us from this creature, for we are weak from battle. I do not fear death, if it is my day to die, but I hope that this monster does not cut short the service I could do for my Lady.


bananulor bananulor

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