All Lights Cast Shadows

Oh where, oh where have my little dogs gone?

Tales of Vergil (6/2)

Have you ever shared an emotional bond that was stronger than the fiercest river? For, my friends, that is the bond of which I now speak. I doubt many of you have experienced it. Wait! Do not panic, for that is why I am hear to serenade you this day, because I remember such a bond yet still.

As you all know, my faithful companions and I had just struck deals with the most vile of organizations. Have you ever haggled with the devil and come out ahead? That is what we did, my friends, and please, do not try it yourselves. Although I was not strongly motivated towards some of these shady organizations’ causes, I persuaded in the interest of my dear friends, and I netted us the proverbial golden fiddle.

Anyway, you might recall how I befriended who you might think of as ordinary metal dogs. Well, you could never be more wrong. These metal dogs, nay, friends , had grown close to my heart in our short journey together. Did I ever tell you their names? The first was named Cornelius for his wisdom and intellect. We would have chats late at night when insomnia struck, or when I simply had to keep watch. Sometimes I would ask a paradoxical question, expecting a simple nod or a confused turn of the head. You can imagine my surprise when Cornelius would respond with a wise, robotic, “Bark.” Cornelius, I would say, I have never thought of it before in that way; you truly are knowledgeable beyond your years.

The other dog was named Tiberius, because he was the ugliest little metal dog I had ever seen.

Yes, the bond between dog and bard had become strong over a short time, despite their cold, metal outer shells. However, the bond was soon weakened, though never broken… not truly. When under assault by the gnome with the fanciful goggles -oh how I yearned for those goggles, we were whisked away to another dimension. Yes, you’ve heard me correctly. Finding ourselves in space with only a couple of ferocious beasts (which I soon felled as my allies bled and cowered), we could do naught but wonder of our predicament. Personally, my mind could not leave my metallic companions who had not been whisked with me. My heart sank lower than it ever had that day, as I soon felt that the I would never know my dearest friends in the same way, ever again. Until much later, little did I know exactly how true my feelings, and exactly how true my fears are worries… really were.


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