A puzzling but effective mechanical warrior, possessing a variety of capabilities.


Barkus is a living construct, composed chiefly of metal with the addition of some leather and fur. Forged as a result of the massive outpouring of power resulting from the Tearing of the Locus, three Mechanical Guard Hounds and unknown other components were fused into a sentient and intelligent mechanical being.
He stands roughly as high as a man, though he seems shorter due to a hunched apelike posture. He possesses a variety of arcane capabilities as well as impressive skill with machines and such things.
(to describe his appearance in a real world frame of reference, he looks like a cross between Megaman and a Daggit from orginial Battlestar Galactica.)


History: Highly unknown.
Opinions of other party members:
Frey: Dark, mysterious, and impressive.
Tiberius: Strong, surly, and impressive.
Johnny: Perplexing, but good. To be obeyed.
Vergil: Handsome, impressive, and powerful. To be obeyed even at significant cost.


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