Drow Avenger of Idestar


Frey is a man of few words and even fewer facial expressions. He tends to keep to himself unless he feels his opinion is needed. When Frey does speak, he often comes off as very self-confident and even slightly dismissive. It is difficult to tell whether this is the way he actually is or if he is just bad at communicating. He will try to diffuse fights between party members if the argument starts to annoy him. Frey is a dedicated follower of Idestar, praying to her whenever opportunities present themselves.

Party Role
As an Avenger, Frey’s primary duty in battle is to kill enemies as quickly as possible. He is highly mobile in combat and tends to maneuver enemies into to optimal positions when he can. Because he is not as sturdy as Tiberius, Frey often requires healing, especially if he becomes the focus of more than one enemy.

In spite of the fact that he is not overly talkative, Frey also plays a big role in the party’s activities outside of combat. On multiple occasions he has retrieved information vital to the group’s continuing adventures. Unlike some party members, Frey is able to keep his cool in tense social situations, making him a valuable asset when it comes to interacting with others. Because of his faith, Frey is not materialistic. He rarely visits shops with the rest of the party. Because of this, he has dedicated his monetary earnings to paying for necessities such as food for himself and shelter for the entire party.

Frey is fairly tall, around 6’. Even though he wields a large weapon, he is not exceptionally muscular. Like most Drow, his skin is black and his hair is white. He wears his hair long, but he usually has it pulled back into a braid. Frey is not ugly, but he is also not conventionally attractive even for Drowish standards. His eyes are silver and glow when he chooses to utilize his stronger divine powers (daily and encounter powers) as well as when he is in the dark. He does not wear armor, instead preferring black robes. Recently Frey has begun using magical chalk to write various prayers to Idestar on his body.

Frey was trained along other followers of Idestar, however he was not raised in the church from childhood. He was recruited for the current campaign by a odd Eladrin.

Frey’s connections to Shadow Magic have recently become evident. Other individuals associated with Shadow Magic have noticed and commented on these connections, but Frey has not been direct in his explanation of how he gained access to the magic.

Current Opinions of Other Party Members

Tiberius: Frey continues to find Tiberius one of the more trustworthy members of the party. He appreciates that Tiberius has begun to carry himself a bit more responsibly than when they first met. He was especially impressed with how Tiberius handled Jenna’s death. As the party has gained more combat experience, Frey has come to respect Tiberius’s ability to deal with multiple foes at once, and considers him a great asset in combat.

Johnny: While Johnny and Frey do not seem to talk as much as they did at one time, Frey still considers Johnny the easiest party member to relate to, for what that is worth. He respects Johnny’s ability to obtain information. He is suspicious of Johnny’s ability to read minds, wondering if Johnny has been successfully able to gain access to his thoughts.

Vergil: Vergil remains the hardest party member for Frey to deal with. Frey believes that Vergil is a bit overconfident in his abilities, even though his new powers have been quite useful to the group. He also senses some hostility and suspicion from Vergil at times, but he does not blame Vergil for this. Frey was surprised by Vergil’s reaction to Rimmoor’s appearance.

Rimmoor: From what Frey can recall about Rimmoor, he does not really like him. This could be that Rimmoor seems to be what Frey is not: charming, good looking, and friendly. However, Frey’s dislike of him also seems to go deeper than this, although he has not spoken of it to the rest of the Party.

Jenna: Frey does not seem to have been as distressed by Jenna’s death as some others. This may be because he tends to not outwardly express his emotions or because he is less upset by death on the whole.

Miscellaneous Information

  • Frey is fluent in Elvish and Draconic (although his Draconic is somewhat accented). He also has a basic grasp of Human.
  • Frey’s current weapon of choice is an Executioner’s Axe.


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