Eladrin Warlock



Upon meeting Rimmoor, most individuals cannot help being taken aback at his beauty. His well-maintained golden locks fall playfully, yet purposefully, about his face, framing his crisp green eyes. The points of his ears peek through his hair, revealing his Elven heritage. His mouth is softly defined and seems to be set in a smile. He stands at an unimposing 5’9" and does not seem well muscled, but his confident personality seems to make up for his smaller stature.

Rimmoor wears a finely made chain mail suit that glimmers with magical energies. Over this he wears a midnight blue tabard that is embroidered with a silver moon across the chest. He wears a cloak stylishly draped over his shoulders that is bound with a pin that matches the symbol on his chest. Rimmoor does not bear any weapons besides a wand that he keeps sheathed at his hip.

Opinions of Other Party Members

Kellen: The best companion a fellow could ask for. He and I have gotten in and out of many a tight situation in the past. I can’t leave home without him.

Vergil: A dragonborn who still does not seem to be happy with my presence. I would even go as far as to say he’s been openly hostile to me. I am always disappointed when that sort of thing happens, but I suppose you can’t be friends with everyone.

Johnny: Not overly talkative. Oh, he’s also apparently made of crystals, I should ask him about that sometime. Seems to have good ideas most of the time.

Tiberius: Can handle himself in a fight. Otherwise, doesn’t always seem to have a firm grasp of what is going on. Often mildly incoherent.

Frey: From what I have remembered of Frey, he is a very serious character. Very doom and gloom. Not sure how people end up like that, really, there’s usually a lot to be happy about. Not very talkative, but he says what he needs to say.

Jenna: Our group failed in its mission to keep her safe, it seems. She was a good child; she deserved a better father. There may be a way to return her to life, but her loss has reminded me that I can not falter in my mission to protect those I care about.


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