Human Knight


Tiberius would like to think of himself as suave, witty, and charming, but he is not that full of himself. Instead he is content with a straightforward, unembellished manner of speaking and a rather direct form of problem solving. Strangers are dealt with plainly, and friends may recieve a rare compliment or two. He does not waste words with enemies, instead letting his blade do the talking. In his mind he and the gods have a deal, of sorts; he pays them no mind and they pay him none, either.

Tiberius is a Human of average height (around 5’ 9") and unexceptional looks. His build however, is an unusually study and muscular one, especially for someone his size. Such a frame lends itself well to his typical garb, which consists of a large sword, shield, and a full suit of platemail. When not hidden by his helm Tiberius sports a very short cut of black hair and a tan.

Tiberius is a graduate of one of the many prestegious Hobgoblin War Colleges. This upbringing has made him relatively indifferent to religion. He originally made his living finding and “exploring” (looting) ruins of older civilizations. The discovery and subsequent sale of a particular human artifact has caused him no end of trouble. His recruitment was performed by a rather antagonistic Human operative.

Current Opinions of Other Party Members

Frey: Even considering their language troubles, Frey is a rather aloof member of the party. This doesn’t trouble Tiberius, as he is still a very competent warrior. Highly mobile and quite lethal with that slab of metal he calls an axe, Frey is quite valuble in a fight, almost as skilled as Tiberius. Apparently some kind of religious higher-up, at least he keeps that business to himself; a point in his favor. Their cooperation is based on mutual respect for a fellow warrior.

Johnny: A walking, talking rubble pile. Identifies itself as male, and Tiberius has no interest to enquire further on that issue. Most certainly not a frontline fighter (how can a rock be so squishy?) he provides support from the rear via some kind of mental ju-ju. Makes their opponents quite receptive to dying; Tiberius is appreciative. Doesn’t talk that often but when he does its usually a good idea to listen. An excellent sidekick.

Vergil: Some kind of mutant lizard. Freakishly tall, his scales are devoid of any pigment and his mind is devoid of any redeeming qualities. Has delusions of competence. Assumes he is a capable healer; more likely Tiberius refuses to die as it would give Vergil a chance to gloat. A jerk.


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