All Lights Cast Shadows

A Sudden Change in Scenery
Regarding my experience from the time of my unlikely addition to the party to the present.

I would like to apologize for how abrupt this change is going to seem. So far in this record I have done my best to keep the story continuous, explaining how one thing led to another. I remember that you were always quite keen on seeing how one thing caused another. However, there is no way for me to piece the next part together in a way that fits. I myself am quite baffled by it.

As you will remember (being as clever as you are) I was last in the north attending to the matter of some hobgoblins. Things were going as well as expected when something curious happened. I began to feel faint and then I completely lost all sense of things. Oddly enough, when I awoke I was not still among the hobgoblins, but in quite a different situation! I found myself in a large underground cavern surrounded by strangers. I later discovered that I was no longer even in the north but had somehow been transported to the south. Kellen was able to find me even after all that, thankfully, but it should really be no surprise, he is a fantastic little partner, after all. A helpful fey who was there attempted to explain the situation. Apparently, I have been “merged” with some other poor fellow. She had no information on how this affliction could be corrected, so it seems for now I’m sharing space. I have to say though, it is quite an adventure.

Now, I feel that I must write about my new travelling companions! First is Tiberius, one of the sturdiest men I’ve had pleasure to meet. He seems like a decent enough fellow although he sometimes has a tendency to slip into nonsense. I suppose it could be from taking one too many blows to the head. Tiberius has a daughter, Jenna, who is traveling with us. She is quite the fiery little lady. She seems rather inquisitive as well. She reminds of you in a way. Next is Vergil, a noble dragonborn. You’ll be surprised to know that he is an arcanist. I know, I was shocked too! To think that there are dragonborn wandering around freely practicing the arcane arts, it certainly was a surprise. He is very pleasant, except when he chooses not to be. I’m afraid that I upset him greatly with my appearance though. He seemed quite distraught at the loss of his old comrade, repeatedly begging the fey for a means of bringing the other fellow back. Lastly is Johnny, who I think you would find the most interesting of all. He is a being made of crystal. He seems to use some sort of mental power in combat, not something I’ve seen before. He is very reserved, but he seems to be the brains of the group. I’ll be sure to include sketches of all of them so that you can see.

After leaving the cavern, we arrived in a small town, Greenpond or something of the like. Our stay there was brief however. It seems that this group of gentlemen was investigating some sort of arcane construction that has taken up residence in the nearby body of water. They seem to be intent on awakening it or something. They know very little about it, however, so they are seeking knowledge. From Jenna, we learned that an there was an arcanist’s tower nearby so we decided to go there to seek information. As we approached the tower, we were ambushed by some ghastly creatures. They apparently steal the skin of their victims! Thankfully, we did not fall prey to them. We entered the tower where we encountered even more of the villains. These too we dispatched, although it took some effort. I myself was heavily injured, but thanks to Vergil I made it through with my skin intact.

We decided to climb the tower in search of information. In this search, we have encountered many strange creatures. Small talking cats, a large talking cat, and a strange manifestation of arcane energy. These we have been able to deal with peacefully. They have also informed us that any useful information is located in the basement of the tower along with some being named Scholar. Our next move will be to head to this basement, I suppose.

It seems that I have become wrapped up in something very large, but I am not worried. After all, very large things always produce the most exciting stories.

Crimson Creek Caverns
Tales of Vergil (11/24)

So there we were, kids, under the town of Lavender Lake, in a magical series of caves filled with lightning and giant rock-hard obelisks that made Tiberius break out into a suspicious cold sweat. All that stood between us and the secrets of the magical lake above were a series of deadly traps and hideous creatures that wanted nothing more than to see us eat dirt. Because they tripped us. Into the dirt. Then they ran away. Of course, these gremlins were no match for the mighty Vergil! Once I led the charge and the gremlins failed every attempt at tripping me, they ran in fear of the indomitable girth that is the great Vergil.

See, it was a showdown between the gremlins and I. There I stood, sword-hand at the ready. There they crawled along the ground, being green and short and ugly, very similar to a new ally to which I’ll introduce you in a second. My eyes narrowed as theirs met mine. “AFLOOBIKOOP KOOP” they yelled, as they charged simultaneously. Now, remember how I had my sword-hand at the ready? Okay, maybe I didn’t. As their measly arms grasped at my legs, I stood tall. I stood proud. I stood… Vergil. I didn’t even have to say a word. I did. Or maybe I said two. But I didn’t have to. I could see the look of terror in the eyes of the gremlins. Never before had they met one so strong as Vergil. Realizing the dire mistake they were making by grabbing at my stylish clothes, they ran like…

What? Why are you looking at me like that? Oh. What? Of COURSE I wasn’t going to use another chicken analogy. I don’t know what it is with you guys, but it’s not like I use one every time someone runs as if they’re fearful of-. Oh, fine.

They ran away, scared.


See how unexciting that is? I had a good one, there, too, but you’re not going to hear it.

They ran away, leaving only the obstacle of lightning bolts and odd round floaty balls, which also seemed to excite Tiberius’s-…. what? No! Stop it. His heart rate. Seemed to excite Tiberius’s heart rate. I don’t know where you guys are coming from with all these complaints about my analogies. Tiberius just probably has a fear of floating arcane mystical energy orbs, or something. Don’t look into it that much. You guys are disgusting. Let me finish the story.

Anyway, after we passed through the dungeon, touching as many balls and obelisks as we wanted (some of us more than others), we came to the grand old boss of the dungeon, some giant guy who liked to trip people. Yeah, I know, right? Pretty cool, giant guy who likes to make people fall and then laugh about it while they stain their new pants that they literally just got that is made of the finest cloth available in this part of the country at this part of the year that’s in limited stock but no he has to go and get dirt stains on them because he’s a jump-up-to-never-jump-down frog walloper. Anyway, I don’t quite remember what else he did, except fall over and die pretty quickly.

Anyways, after we toppled the toppler, for my bravery and courage in the caverns, I was given a spear of old, which, I might add, can reach twice as long as Tiberius’s sword and about 32 times the length of his sword. As well, I was given the ability to make fuller use of my innate arcane bardic abilities. In fact, I made a little tale about them, but unfortunately, none of you can speak the language in which it is told. It is an ancient language, the name of which can barely be pronounced in our language. The closest I can come to saying it so that you may hear, is “gaym meckh anix.” It’s a beautiful language, so just listen, and don’t be concerned about what the foreign words mean.


Alright, so I’m gonna explain a couple key mechanics of how I work now. I have an aura 5 that is the basis of most of what I do, and revolves around my singing. Outside of 5, you probably can’t hear me. Twice during an encounter (but once per turn), any ally in the aura, including me, can use a minor action to use my healing ability on either him or herself or an adjacent ally. So, choose well if you use it. As well, I have several mysterious songs that I will sing that grant benefit to an ally of my choosing in the aura when I strike an enemy with a basic (yet powerful) thrust of my spear. This basic thrust really highlights the point of my song and allows some kind of benefit to whoever has been nice to me recently and has given me presents of food or other niceties. You may feel more temporarily beefy or perhaps more powerful. Remember, only those who can hear my song and are paying attention can be granted such inspiration. Finally, I have a few special songs that I only take out maybe once a day that will greatly benefit anyone who can hear them, or greatly discourage any enemy who can hear them, so stay close, and give me food and nice things.

Wasn’t that beautiful? And though none of you understood a single thing I said, I’m sure you all feel a little more knowledgeable and inspired. What a wonderful parting gift. And with that, I’ll see you next time.

Red River Red River
Tales of Vergil (11/10)

Right. So there I was, not drowning, when all of the sudden, A GIANT ENEMY TOAD appeared! Well, my allies were too busy drowning to really notice it, you see, so it was up to ol’ Vergil to take this thing down. Did I mention I was almost naked? It’s quite an accomplish to slay a giant enemy toad when you’ve only got your sword and your undergarments. Now, now, try to stay focused. I know I should have never put such images into your heads, for everyone is way too distracted to listen to my story, but please try. Also, you in the back. Yeah, you. Stop chuckling.

So there I was, fighting the toad. “Ribbit,” excitedly exclaimed the toad, as it lashed out with its thousand barbed tongues. Agilely I dodged in mid-water, with 304 of the tongues nearly scraping me. Seeing my opportunity, though slim, I advanced. I grabbed the nearest tongue as it retracted to the treacherous toad, and suddenly, I was air-born. My feet dangled behind as I sped to the toad at the pace of thunder, and as I neared its warty head, I struck down with my mighty blade, piercing the beast’s hide like Tiberius pierces a small chicken. And with that one, sure strike, the battle had been won, and the toad’s fate had been sealed. Also, he like, sunk to the bottom of the lake and stuff, all dead-like.

Afterwards, we inspected the war titan to realize something that no one had yet thought; it’s really, really, REALLY stupid to swim in a lake full of unknown creatures… a lake that can explode in fiery death at any particular second. I’m talking really stupid here, you don’t even know. Here, imagine me asking Tiberius to keep guard over a prized chicken of mine, just for 5 minutes. Yes. Swimming in that lake was on that level of stupid. So, with that new found knowledge, I kindly suggested that we not be there anymore. To support my suggestion, a kindly man-eating shark came up and proffered his advice. “Mayhap, friends and gentlemen, in such a jolly ol’ pickle in which you young lads now fancy yourselves, the course of action that is most truly the bees knees would so be to venture reverse-like, so as to most indubitably evade the jolly large lake serpent. Oh, did I not mention the la-” and with that, the shark was gone, eaten by a jolly large lake serpent. And with that, we ran. We ran so hard through that water. So very hard. And guess what? We made it. We avoided the serpent and returned to shore.

Finally, it was time for Vergil to stop distracting all the ladies in the village and put back on his clothes. The ladies of Greenlake all sighed and returned to their chores and plain husbands. Anyway, at this point, I had to find out more about what was with all the strangeness about town. So, I did what Vergil does best; I talked! That’s right, I talked and talked and talked. I talked to the young. I talked to the old. I talked to the moss. I talked to the mold. I talked to everyone woman; I talked to every man, and wouldn’t you know it, ol’ Vergil had a plan.

See, I learned a good many things about the town, and not the least of which was that there was a tunnel underneath the town that could possibly take us to the war titan. Also, it had little gremlins that like to trip people. Man, those guys are annoying. Have you ever tried to talk to one? They won’t even answer you. I’ve tried! I was all friendly, complimenting the nice gremlin on how well he just tripped me and caused me to scrape my knee on that sharp rock. It was a good shot! But no, he wasn’t satisfied. Trip and run, that’s all they do. Bah, gremlins.

Anyway, the tunnel. Turns out the only way there was through these trap doors in some of the main buildings of the town. So, we did what any noble dragonborn of honor and diplomacy would do; broke into the shop and went down into the tunnel, without no one noticing a thing. Perhaps.

Blue Lagoon
Tales of Vergil (10/27)

So, we hit the road with Tibbers leading the way. After Tiberius’s knuckles were sore, we decided to travel down the road, instead. Since I was carrying some newly acquired pieces of chicken ordinary meat in my pack, I was in good spirits. The rest of the party was in good spirits, as well, it seemed! I know Tiberius thoroughly enjoyed our swordplay that night, and Johnny’s skin seemed to glow with a shine that said, “I might be growing some bioluminescent moss.”

Not longer after we started traveling, we came across a dead end and a house full of bugbears through which seemed to be our only way forward. The bugbears, being the kind, sentient race that they are, welcomed us in with open arms. “Come in friends!” they said. “Enjoy our fine wine and imported cheeses!”

My allies were slightly skeptical of this offering of peace to complete strangers, but not Ol’ Vergil. See, I don’t know if you know this, but I am actually quite experienced with the ways of bugbears. Many people see these ugly, yet adorable, creatures as savages. Haha! I see the doubt in your eyes. You’re saying, “Vergil! Bugbears are nothing but unintelligent neanderthals!”, to which I respond, “You know. Every time we talk, you always do this. We discuss this every time. I’m RIGHT HERE! You DON’T HAVE TO YELL AT ME! By the Three Sisters! By the way, what’s a neanderthal?”

Well, with that out of the way, let me explain how actually sophisticated bugbears are. Notice the fine house the bugbears were sporting? Notice how it wasn’t a raggedy hut put together accidentally by throwing sticks around? Well, that’s because the bugbears probably didn’t build it. HOWEVER! They WERE living in it. And they had imported cheeses! That’s right, imported cheeses.

Case closed

Now, where was I? Right. The bugbears had just offered us some of their best wine and imported cheeses. It’s not a well known fact, but bugbears are of the most hospital, well-spoken, and amiable of all living things. I knew this, of course. After all, I can sing at least 3 ditties about heroic and kindly deeds of bugbear heroes. You don’t think I can? Remind me later; I keep getting distracted. Anyway, I kindly accepted their offer of food and drink, as I had become quite parched in my travels. However, my fellow companions, though goodhearted as they are, wouldn’t have any of that.

RRAHHEEE HUURR DUUUUUUUHHHHHH” shouted Tiberius, as he struck the glass of wine out of my hand with his large yet surprisingly unimpressive sword. “DUHHHH FSHHHH PLCKOOOOOOO” He stated profoundly, as he struck down the nearest bugbear. Of course, being the socialites that they were, the bugbears were little match for such a barbarian and his attacks. Nevertheless, the bugbears readied their weapons and prepared to defend themselves.

“Clearly, friends, this is a misunderstanding. You have to realize-,” I started, trying to dissolve the conflict peacefully. Unfortunately, I did not finish, for the next thing I knew, there was a rather large battle axe lodged thoroughly in my back. I quickly fainted in self defense. What? Yes, I suppose the battle axe belonged to a bugbear. He… I don’t know. Probably tripped into me or dropped it in fright or something. I’m sure it was just a silly mistake.

Next thing I know, Frey is helping me stand up, Three Sisters bless the oaf, who coincidentally isn’t as handsome as Vergil. We quickly exited the premises, though I am fuzzy on how exactly the conflict resolved itself. I’m sure the bugbears managed to talk my friends down from their unwarranted rage, and everything was handled peacefully. Now, to be honest, I don’t remember much after that. Mostly, I just remember this amazing dream I had. Oh, man, you’re going to love this one. I know I did. See, I was stabbing Tiberius in the face repeatedly with my long sword. Of course, there was some kind of creature on Tiberius’s face, so I was simply doing the friendly thing and repeatedly trying to stab through it. Hoho! I know what you’re thinking. “How do you know there was a creature on Tiberius’s face? Was he suddenly not so ugly?” Well, no, friends. See, he was actually… brace yourselves, fragile women, EVEN UGLIER THAN BEFORE. Yes, yes, I know. No, sir, calm down. Please, no, you’ve had enough ale. No, get out of that noose, I didn’t mean to scare you. See, that’s how I knew it was a dream. After all, we all know that there is nothing on this planet more disgusting than Tiberius’s face. I mean that in the friendliest way.

Well, when I finally woke up, I was in a strange town. Yes, a strange town, indeed. It was, I think, called Greenlake, named after… well, honestly I’m not sure. It may be coincidence, but there was an oddly tinted body of water out back behind the town store. Weird, right? Well, here’s something weirder: When I woke up from my axe-induced nap, Tiberius had a child! What? No! NO! No. No, he had a child years back, and the the child apparently just found him, and decided to travel with him. Yes, that’s what I thought. And kids, this is exactly why I never encourage young children and women to drink any risky amount of alcohol in one sitting. Because, if your defenses are down, and Tiberius has been drinking, well. He might not know the difference, and neither might you! Let’s just say I’ve heard stories.

Anyway, it’s getting late, and I’ve kept you for longer than I usually do. Next time, I’ll tell you about how I went swimming in that suspiciously green water, and how I totally DID NOT DROWN. Yes, that’s a tale for next time.

Arrival at Greenlake
Frey's Entry (10/13 and 10/20)

The giant worms proved not to be much trouble. Instead, we were attacked by strange creatures that emerged from their heads. The strange beings were able to misguide our perceptions and hide from us. This made the battle difficult. I am thankful that My Lady does not value me for my face, as I am fairly certain I obtained some new scars there during the battle. Eventually, we were able to finish them off.

We briefly explored the area, but the only way we could go led to a dead end. The fires continued to burn unnaturally along the path. Unable to carry on any sort of investigation, we turned our attention to a town nearby that we had noticed before we were attacked. This, we assumed, was the Green Lake the merchant had spoken of. Upon our approach, we were confronted by a mystic who questioned us on our intentions regarding the town. She showed no small ability in defending the site, conjuring high walls of fire from the water that surrounded the area. However, we were able to convince her that we meant no harm. We informed her of our mission to find the War Titan and she relayed to us that some large unknown thing had crashed into the lake not too long before our arrival.

Once we were allowed entrance, we explored the village briefly to gain our bearings. Upon investigation I noticed a home with a strange, powerful icon I did not recognize. Because I was unfamiliar with the symbol, I hesitated in further investigation. I did not wish to arouse unwanted hostilities if the inhabitants were not agreeable to Idestar’s rule, as it is with the Small Gods. After looking around, we retired to the inn. I was the first to arrive, as the others decided to occupy themselves at the local shop. When the others arrived behind me, a patron of the bar leaped up, confronting them, specifically Tiberius. After a heated exchange, it was revealed that this assailant of Tiberius’s own blood, a daughter he had never known.

The Child meant to join us, and Tiberius was forced to acquiesce by the magic sword that he himself had once wielded. Once again the subject of his trade of an artifact was raised. In any case, we are now in the company of Tiberius’s child. With this business finished, we retired to bed.

The next day it was decided that we would seek the War Titan in the lake. After speaking with the mystic again and the leader of the village, it was decided that Johnny, Vergil, and Tiberius’s child would attempt to swim to the Titan. Tiberius and I await their return on the dock in case the should arouse the Titan, requiring the two of us to attempt to stop it before it destroys the town.

My hope is that it will not come to that.

Fires Unnatural
Frey's Entry (10/6 and before)

Time has dragged since our arrival at the outpost.

I suppose it was necessary to rest, given that members of our party were gravely injured with poison. While I never got the full story as to how exactly Vergil and Eldamar recovered, they ended up fine and that is what matters. I myself was not present because the high priest at the outpost had need of me. I rejoined the combined party only briefly before the women decided to set out on their own. Apparently, our goblin employer designated us as their managers if he were to become unavailable. We sent them to seek him out while we decided to search for the war titan.

Before setting out, we decided it would be best to collect what information we could from the outpost as well as resupply. I was able to make an exchange with a human merchant who had been traveling around the area and knew about the war titan. She directed me towards a town in the northwest. With this information in hand, I returned to the party. However, we were not able to leave directly due to various distractions in the marketplace. I decided to procure us a room in the inn. Tiberius and Vergil seemed slightly ill at ease with their sleeping arrangements, but I did not see what the problem was.

We were finally able to leave the next morning. We set out towards the northwest and we continued that way peacefully for a time. We eventually ran into a number of bandits. The human merchant had been kind enough to warn me of them, so I was not surprised by this. We decided to fight them rather than pay their fees. By My Lady’s will I was able to defeat their leader just as things were beginning to look dire. Vergil was on the brink of death as we gained victory, but I was able to use some of the healing skills I had picked up through my teachings at the temple to revive him. With their leader dead before them, the bandits allowed us passage.

As we neared the town, we noticed a mysterious fire that had sprung up nearby. The fire burned, but it did not consume. There were also monstrous worms in the area. This whole situation strikes me as unnatural. I pray for My Lady’s protection.

Secrets of the Church You Won't Believe
Taken from Vergil's diary

Message Redacted

By Vergil

Poems by Vergil
Taken from Vergil's Diary

A Chicken Haiku by Vergil
By Vergil

Chickens are quite fowl

They peck my legs it hurts ow

Cluck cluck they will die


The Chicken by Vergil
By Vergil

Once upon a square-like land, with nothing ‘neath my feet but sand,
I thought myself, “Verily forth, my favored and fair friends this doeth suck.”
While I shopped and bought through heckling, suddenly there came a pecking,
As of one’s most deadly pecking, pecking at my foot oh shucks,
Quoth the chicken, “Cluck clucks.”

By Vergil


The New Day Comes by Vergil
By Vrgil Vergil

Chickens haunt me day and night
Through morrow’s sorrow ’n morning light
The fowl fiend foes fair perfect fright
The new day comes, and I do suffer

Dismiss you not their tiny stature
Their imp-like minds are keen to capture
Your life your soul your joy and rapture
The new day comes, and be prepared

Be prepared for horrible deeds
The chickens plant with terror seeds
With pecks and whispers and devil creeds
The new day comes, and dim light fades

Revelation comes through open pore
The right has come to lead me fore
Ghastful geists gain gust no more
The new day comes, and the chickens will die.

By Vergil

RRrrrrghhghh Urghhhaahhhhhhh
Tales of Vergil (9/20/11)

And that’s how I single-handedly defeated the giant enemy crab that was threatening the entire lake-side village.

What? Oh, right. I did get a bit side-tracked there, didn’t I? Anyway, where was I?

Oh? The poison? What poi- Oh. Oh, right. Okay. Right.

Well, as it were, I had been stung! Yes, that’s right. Ol’ Uncle Vergil had fallen susceptible to the sting of a deadly crab. Or wasp. Might have been a wasp. I think it had pincers, but it was definitely flying.


There I was, stung by a giant enemy waspcrab, its huge, horrible pincerstingers piercing my delicate, pretty flesh. But, you’d be a fool to think that Vergil succumbed to the poison without a fight!! Ho ho ho, no. I fought alright. I turned right around and stung that waspcrab with its own stinger, while it was still attached and piercing my delicate, beautiful lizardflesh. Then I was unconscious.

So I awoke! I awoke in excruciation! Pain paralyzed me as I lay barely conscious in a bed. Oh, how I had longed for a bed. But I couldn’t enjoy the bed! No, see, I was still badly poisoned. So poisoned, in fact, that I was about to die. My comrades were in tears. They huddled in the corners of the room with their blankets, suffering from existential dread of what might happen if they were to lose their best pal Vergil. Only Barkus stood by my bedside, whispering sweet nothings into my ear to lessen the pain.

“Oh Barkus,” I said. “Barkus! Everything has been taken away from me so suddenly. I see only nothingness before me. Big, dark, square-like nothingness.”

I squirmed in my bed as the fever took a stronger hold upon my then-fragile will.

“Tell me, Barkus,” I whispered, as Barkus leaned closer to hear my final words, “What happened to my children?”

“You never had any children.” Barkus stated, comfortingly. His voice was strong and warm, and his dog-like breath smelled of roses and grog.

“Thank you, Barkus,” I could feel the tension in my body growing. I reached out to Barkus and grabbed him by his neck, pulling him closer. “You must tell them, Barkus!”

“Tell them what, Vergil?” Barkus inquired. His words surrounded me like a mid-summer’s morn.

“Tell them… that…” I coughed.

“Tell them…”

“Tell them that I always hated Tiberius.”

I coughed as my final words escaped my mouth, free from the suffering in which I was. My soul longed to join them. However, fate was not done with me. Barkus leaned forward, shouting at the top of his doggy lungs, “Vergil! They shall not have you! Let us do… the thing!”

“The thing, Barkus?! Are you sure?!”

“Yes, Vergil! We must combine!!!!”

My trembling arm reached for his cannon-like appendage. I grasped him firmly with what little strength I had left. Suddenly, a flash of light blinded those in the room, just for a second.

“Fusion!” Barkus and I shouted in unison, “Fuuuusionnnnnn HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

A yellow aura engulfed us as the sheer power of our combining pushed everyone in the room back against the walls.



When the light had gone, only one figure remained: It was I, Verg-barkus, the Omega Bard, who henceforth would be referred to simply as Vergil. Although I looked exactly the same as before, I was stronger. I had the power of Barkus within me! As well, the poison was temporarily out of commission by strength of Barkus, alone. With a half grin, I produced in my right hand the cure for my poison, which I had retrieved single-handedly while everyone else in the room had been knocked unconscious by the blinding light of Barkus and my combining. I dramatically drank my share of the potion and passed it on to other insignificants who had also been stung by the giant pincerstinger of the waspcrab.

Having saved the day once again by myself without the help of others, I decided to take a well deserved vacation by browsing all the fun goodies that the traveling vendors had in the village. Also, I had to feed Tiberius. He was getting hungry again, and would starve if I didn’t guide him to some sustenance. I really can’t take him anywhere, you know.





An Enemy Without a Face
Frey's Entry (7/7)

We survived our encounter with the large river monster. The beast waged a terrible battle against us. Tiberius was nearly lost, and several of our number took grievous wounds. When the monster was defeated, it revealed its true form. It was in truth a spirit. The spirit claimed to keep watch over all rivers. It also forms pacts and promises with those who know the way to do so. The spirit explained that it had attacked us to fulfill a pact it had made. It was required to test us as we sailed down the river. We were judged worthy enough, although it also stated that it had taken pity on us due to our encounter with the strange man and his serpent.

The spirit implied that the whole situation had been manufactured by someone in order to kill us. At first I suspected our goblin employer, but upon further discussion it seemed more likely to be the party that kidnapped him, whoever they may be. Our group has already made several enemies. It is possible that some church, be it mine or Johnny’s, was behind this. We may also have enemies that we do not even know of yet, and that is what leaves me uneasy.

We left the spirit’s company as suddenly as we had entered it, toppling over a waterfall. I found myself awakened by the groans of my companions and sharp but familiar pain. In spite of the fall, we all were relatively unharmed. Exploring our surroundings, we discovered that we had reached a different part of the cave system. The path branched and our two parties went our separate ways for a time. We encountered several of the giant ants that Johnny had spoken of earlier. Tiberius bore the brunt of their attacks, but we were able to defeat them quickly enough. We quickly rejoined the women only to be attacked by another ant, although this one was able to fly.

I hope that we see the end of these caves soon. Although I can only assume that we will meet more dangers before we are out of them. Someone wishes to see us removed from this world. It is likely that they will not stop threatening us until we are dead or they are.


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