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The Story So Far
As told by Frey

It has been, perhaps, two weeks since I left the temple. Keeping track of the days has been difficult.

I was summoned away by a strange Eladrin. He smiled too much, but I went where he told me. Once there, I met a strange group of fellows: a human, a dwarf, and a rock. Well, more of a crystal I suppose. Johnny is…difficult to describe. His body, his powers, and the organization he represents are beyond my understanding for now. This makes me uneasy, certainly in light of more recent events. However, I believe I have gotten a bit ahead of myself.

We were approached by a goblin, who explained to us that we are now working for his organization. None of us had a reason to disagree. He did not give us any further detailed instruction though, so we were left to our own devices to figure out where to turn next. Eventually, we were enlisted by a warrior to retrieve his sword from a dungeon. Upon our arrival to this dungeon, we met the final member of our party, a dragonkin bard. Lady help me, this bard. I know not what I have done to deserve the punishment of his presence.

Even with an additional ally, retrieving the sword proved to be a more difficult task than we originally thought. In the dungeon, we encountered thieves breaking into a large vault. The thieves posed no threat to us, but they released some sort of out-of-control mechanical monstrosity. We were forced to flee the dungeon as it collapsed from the trauma caused by the machine. Our dwarven companion vanished during the confusion. We did manage to recover the sword we had been sent after.

Our success was short lived however. As we emerged from the dungeon we were confronted by an opposing party who demanded the sword from us. We refused to hand it over and combat began. I do not wish to speak at length about this battle, as it pains me to experience the shame of defeat again. The sword was taken from us. We survived the fight, and when we recovered, we noticed a luminous tower had arisen above the dungeon. With nowhere else to turn, we decided to explore. We met an odd wizard, who seemed to know much more than he was willing to tell. After some discussion, he sent us on our way.

On the road we were attacked by a number of lizardfolk. We dealt with them, but the fighting left us weary. We took shelter for the night in an old imperial outpost. The next morning we found ourselves surrounded by unfamiliar faces, all looking to take possession of the outpost, which is apparently contains a sort of thinning between the worlds. Eight groups eventually approached us, each offering incentives and threats. We eventually chose four groups, who agreed to work together. In the process, we alienated ourselves from the High Churches. I may pay for this decision later, but I feel that the rewards that the other parties offered will benefit My Lady in ways that the Churches would not be able to. I am not alone in my situation, Johnny too rejected the requests of his organization, a “Church” by its own naming. Their representative certainly made a show of power, but it was not a power that was natural. I hope to not see such things again.

We now sit at the outpost, arguing amongst ourselves, waiting for armies to arrive, be they friend or foe. The number my enemies seems to grow daily while my friends and allies does not. As always I stand as a sword for the faith, I will I will do what My Lady wishes, although I do not know where that will lead.

A Strange and Dangerous Place
Frey's Entry (6/2 session)

In the space of a day, our situation has changed greatly. The morning broke with the screams of a man in the most dire of pain. It was not merely physical pain, his very soul was being tortured. My own soul ached at the sound of it. There are few who would do such a thing to cause such screams.

Our hold on the locus was quickly challenged, as powerful enemies approached the waystation. While I did not see them, I have no doubt it was a representative from Johnny’s Church. We had thought he would be at least somewhat delayed by being taken a great distance away by that wizard, but it was apparently not the case. There was not enough time to escape. One of our supposed allies proposed that the locus be ripped open so that its power could be wielded against the approaching foe. However, he also explained that for us to be present when the locus opened would mean certain death. We were asked to trust him, and we did for there was no other choice. I had thought he would perhaps use some of his power to shield us, but instead we were transported to some odd place.

There we met some representatives from the High Churches: two Dragonkin and two angels. They attacked before we could reason with them, and we dealt with them easily enough. One angel was spared. She was able to flee this odd place through her powers, but she could not assist us. A mysterious mirror is perhaps our only clue to escape. I cannot explain what happened when Tiberius touched it, but we found ourselves face to face with the Dragonkin we had just killed. They did not know us, and they reacted in the same exact way they had the first time. We fought them, but they would not die. Each time we struck them down, they would rise again. The fight was then joined by strange demons. They were large gaping mouths and attacked without a word. We were able to defeat them without a great effort; I killed two of their number myself.

We are now alone in this strange world, and we do not know what to do. I hope that my Lady will send some sort of guidance so that we may return to whence we came, if where we came from even still exists. I pray that opening the locus did not do too much damage. I mourn the loss of that source of power as well as perhaps the loss of the rewards we were to receive. Both would have been great assets in my Lady’s hands. For now there is not much to do than to try to find a way out, but it may be a most difficult task.

Oh where, oh where have my little dogs gone?
Tales of Vergil (6/2)

Have you ever shared an emotional bond that was stronger than the fiercest river? For, my friends, that is the bond of which I now speak. I doubt many of you have experienced it. Wait! Do not panic, for that is why I am hear to serenade you this day, because I remember such a bond yet still.

As you all know, my faithful companions and I had just struck deals with the most vile of organizations. Have you ever haggled with the devil and come out ahead? That is what we did, my friends, and please, do not try it yourselves. Although I was not strongly motivated towards some of these shady organizations’ causes, I persuaded in the interest of my dear friends, and I netted us the proverbial golden fiddle.

Anyway, you might recall how I befriended who you might think of as ordinary metal dogs. Well, you could never be more wrong. These metal dogs, nay, friends , had grown close to my heart in our short journey together. Did I ever tell you their names? The first was named Cornelius for his wisdom and intellect. We would have chats late at night when insomnia struck, or when I simply had to keep watch. Sometimes I would ask a paradoxical question, expecting a simple nod or a confused turn of the head. You can imagine my surprise when Cornelius would respond with a wise, robotic, “Bark.” Cornelius, I would say, I have never thought of it before in that way; you truly are knowledgeable beyond your years.

The other dog was named Tiberius, because he was the ugliest little metal dog I had ever seen.

Yes, the bond between dog and bard had become strong over a short time, despite their cold, metal outer shells. However, the bond was soon weakened, though never broken… not truly. When under assault by the gnome with the fanciful goggles -oh how I yearned for those goggles, we were whisked away to another dimension. Yes, you’ve heard me correctly. Finding ourselves in space with only a couple of ferocious beasts (which I soon felled as my allies bled and cowered), we could do naught but wonder of our predicament. Personally, my mind could not leave my metallic companions who had not been whisked with me. My heart sank lower than it ever had that day, as I soon felt that the I would never know my dearest friends in the same way, ever again. Until much later, little did I know exactly how true my feelings, and exactly how true my fears are worries… really were.

Farewell Happy Fields
Johnny's Entry for 6/2

This has been an unfortunate day for me. We have been taken outside of the reality that we know and transported to another. I am disturbed by this. Whatever was done to us to protect us from whatever damage would have occurred when the rift was widened seems to have taken us to some sort of realm where the laws of reality as we know it no longer apply. Here, we have encountered angels, creatures consisting of little more than a maw, and dragonborn who do not stay dead, and in fact seem to operate on different standards of time. They may have been experiencing time differently from us, as we had two identical conversations with them, and killed them several times. This perturbs me more than the demons. If we are outside the domain of time as we know it, what has happened to us?

Perhaps we are in the Far Realms, but I have not yet sensed anything like what I felt when we encountered a creature from those Realms. I must admit, I am hesitant to work alongside such creatures, but if the alternative is working with that gnome and his dwarf(s), then I accept it as my fate. Perhaps I will be able to learn more about where I came from through these… beings. Perhaps this place, too holds answers. Perhaps it holds knowledge. I know this much, knowledge will be needed for us to escape this place alive.

The Frying Pan, to the Fire, to the Frying Pan
Frey's Entry (6/9 session)

The road we are on has taken many turns in the past few hours. We were able to escape that strange world in which we were trapped. I was at first opposed to the use of brute force to facilitate our escape, I feared that we would be unable to leave if we destroyed the mirror. In the end, my fears were unfounded and breaking the mirror allowed us to advance. We were then thrust into the presence of four beings that called themselves Air, Earth, Water, and Fire. They were very odd. However, they helped us as much as they could, something we were thankful for. They advised us on how to exit the Void Space, although they also cautioned us about the world we were returning to. Ultimately, we had no choice but to leave the Void Space. I was glad to be out of that place, and yet, a part of me wished we could have stayed a bit longer. There was a closeness I felt there that was stronger than anything I have experience before. Except for, perhaps, that one time.

Upon our exit of the Void Space we were confronted with a burning hell scape. We had returned to the area of the locus, now destroyed beyond recognition. We encountered a creature that referred to itself as Barkus. If I have understood correctly, Barkus is some sort of perversion of Vergil’s three mechanical dogs. It proved itself useful in battle, helping us defeat the emissary from Johnny’s Church. The gnome put up a strong fight, in the end it was not even truly him who was there. Still, he vowed to see us destroyed before he vanished. This now makes two rather powerful individuals who wish to see us dead.

We were able to rejoin our allies for a few brief moments, but we were sent away again for our own safety. This time we thankfully remained on the same plane of existence, but we were not the luckiest in our destination. We found ourselves face to face with the group of women that were able to defeat us before. They told us our presence had been requested by their “boss,” and that they were not looking for a fight. While I am moved to mistrust these individuals. I do not think fighting them is the best choice at present. With so many looking to do us harm, wasting our energy in combat against those not looking to fight us is unwise. Hopefully, I will be able to convince my companions to stay their blades.

Barkus, Destroyer of Worlds
Tales of Vergil (6/9)

Where was I? Oh yes, we were stuck in a void of space and darkness. Well, we went through that quite easily. There were some monsters and what have you, but surely you don’t want to hear about that. Sure, I dispatched all of them quickly and with finesse, but I like to keep my stories humble, so I will not give you the details of my triumphs. No, I see it in your eyes; you yet still crave stories of my long lost companions, Tiberius, the dog, and Cornelius. Well, you’re in luck, for it was not long after my departure from space that I once again met my faithful metal hounds.

When we had gotten bored of space and decided to leave, we ended up back about where we had started; we were outside the old building with the locus that was so sought after by wickedest of groups and peoples. However, everything was quite different this time around. War surrounded us. Oh, also a wall of fire. A wall of fire also surrounded us. But mostly war. The Goggle Gnome’s army had assaulted, and the necromancers, devils, and what have you were all doing their part to make sure that his army met a quick death. Walls of bone and flesh divided the battlefield. Skeletal colossi towered over dwarf-clones foolish enough to go near them. Some hideous, gargantuan tentacle-thing wiped out dwarves by the dozen. Anyway, I must be boring you; it was all the average things of war. Let me get to the good part.

When we arrived, we were assaulted by nine, nay, twenty dwarves. Each raging with bloodlust, each with the beard of a hundred dwarves. If you count it, that’s around twenty-hundred beards. My companions began to cower behind me. “Save us, Vergil!” they would shout. I had no choice to oblige, even though I knew the odds were grim. Normally, I don’t like to fight more than fifteen dwarves at a time by myself, and I was feeling particularly down that day. Needless to say, I was not looking forward to the coming battle. However, I knew what I had to do, and so I did it. I evaded the strike of the first dwarf who swung at me. I quickly countered with a sweep to his leg and a slash at his axe-hand, severing it completely. Before the dwarf could breathe another breath, I mercifully slid my longsword through the dwarf’s neck, ending his cursed existence. Unfortunately, the second dwarf was already upon me, and the tides of battle were not in my favor.

All of the sudden, the dwarf stopped his assault. He looked downward to his stomach, only to see that it had gone on vacation about 30 feet away. A mechanical, furry monstrosity had blown the dwarf apart with but a blast from his cannon-like arm. The beast, who stood at least 5 or 12 feet tall, did naught but smile. He quickly turned and sent a chilling air towards a group of dwarves. The dwarves immediately froze, and, subsequently, shattered. The mysterious slayer of dwarves turned on the closest dwarf and opened his gaping maw, replenishing his strength on the tasty snack that was the dwarf’s head. The rest of the dwarves attempted to flee, but forgot that there were walls of fire. Well, they’re dead.

The gruesome, yet strangely handsome, beast turned to us, and once again opened its maw. However, this time… it opened its maw… for peace.

“Hail, comrades. Our previous, unexpected departure was sudden and surprising, but I am once again glad to be by your side. Especially Vergil. My name is Barkus.”

Barkus, you see, was the combination of the metallic hounds left behind during my companions’ and my space adventure. He was forged together to create the ultimate barking machine out of sheer necessity and love of Vergil, and definitely not as an unexpected side effect of the locus being channeled for power. He was happy to finally be with his dearest friend, Vergil, again, and he wagged his tail-thing appropriately.

We made our way towards the locus where are allies had been fending off more dwarves, but we encountered the goggles gnome. Luckily for the gnome, he was an apparition, summoned by the true gnome with the true goggles, and was not entirely real. Unfortunately for the apparition, he had crossed paths with Barkus. It took but a split second for the gnome’s fake body to be split from his fake head, as Barkus quickly and swiftly decapitated him mysteriously with his beautiful, cannon-like arm-things. With that threat out of the way, the battle seemed over, yet the locus was dangerous and unstable. We quickly made a magical retreat at the request of our allies, and found ourselves somehow teleported to one of seven fields of rye, where we encountered our most hated enemies; those ugly chicks to whom we earlier surrendered the evil sword of god-slaying voluntarily. Dying to know what happened, are you? Well, the hour is late, and I must be going. This encounter, friends, will be a tale for next time.

Lost on the Way
Johnny's Journal 6/9

Once we had cleared our immediate surroundings of hostiles, we began to try to find our way out of Void Space. It seemed that the mirror would be our way out, but we did not know how to utilize it. Eventually, Tiberius smashed it. Fortunately, that was a good idea. We were transported to another part of Void Space, and questioned by four creatures who claimed to be the embodiments of the four elements. The reason for these questions and their significance are as yet unknown to us.

The creatures seemed to know something of the area. They claimed to live there. They told us our “routing information” was scrambled, probably as a result of our unconventional entrance into Void Space. I imagine that whenever one goes through Void Space to another realm, the process lays some sort of path for them. This path was something that we lacked, which resulted in our particular route leading through some kind of hell.

We arrived in a pit of flame and bones, surrounded by walls of both. Skeletal colossi attacked dwarf(s). Those/that thing(s) had returned, to my dismay. For the second time, we were confronted by the gnome who created this/these abomination(s). We believed that we defeated him, but it seemed that he had somehow managed to inhabit a corpse, or perhaps animate it with pure psychic energy as he did with the dwarf(s). I hope one day to ensure that his mind is no longer a part of reality. But that is for another day.

When we escaped from this hell-pit with the help of our new comrade Barkus and our less new allies in the war for the locus, we found ourselves in a field. Waiting for us, at the exact location where we emerged from an unplanned journey through space and time, were the four women who ambushed us outside the temple where we found the Human’s Sword. (I feel it merits capitalization.) They said that their master wished to hold palaver with us, albeit using younger words. It would be impractical to fight them now, and I am curious to meet this elusive man, woman or whatever it is that can predict our movements through space and time with such accuracy. There is also the possibility that their employer is also our employer, in which case, we have our own obligations to go.

Holes in Space and Time
Tiberius, 6/9

When our enemies were killed for a second time, they knew better than to come bother us again. A pity, as I found killing those dragonborn rather cathartic for reasons that should be abundantly clear. In any case, that left our party trapped in a small… room? space? plane? with no clear way out. There were various odd glowing bits to our cage, and it was assumed that the proper manipulation of such would free us. This turned out to not be the case. There was this dull blue field that acted like a nearly solid fog, only serving to slow one down. Some spiraling vortexes were scattered in the corners of this place, and it was discovered their function was to move whatever entered them to another place. This was initially believed to be our way out, except that one only exited at another vortex in the same room. In the center of the room was an angry red blotch that only served to do all manner of unpleasant things to those that entered it. There were only the fluorescent walls to our prison (which I discovered were not an exit) and a mirror. With all other possible exits eliminated this was our last chance. Touching it did nothing, and neither did magic, so I smashed it. That worked. It’s surprising how much can be accomplished by sufficient violence.

Our intrepid group found itself in a new place. Unfortunately still not the familiar landscape of our world, but by the glowing blue walls we were in a different part of the same plane. Behind us was a window, and in front of us were some very odd elemental incarnations. It soon became apparent that they had neither the desire nor the ability to help us, something about routing and magical shears. The path forward was obviously through the ever-shifting mirror, but still my companions insisted on talking to the creatures. In any case eventually even the elementals suggested we should leave through the window, and we listened.

We were back on our planet and even in the same area, but not all was as we remembered it. The swamp, already not a particularly pleasant land had been transformed into a hellish pit of fire, bone and blood. We found and were joined by an entity that called itself “Barkus”, which I quickly discovered was the new form of those three metal dogs that were for some inane reason infatuated with Vergil. We killed some not-dwarves and while the immediate area was clear there was a wall of bones blocking our path. At least, until I smashed a hole in it. Through the hole we continued, finding that one gnome and a line of his not-dwarves as backup. Actually most of this was an illusion, the dwarves were actually hell-beasts and the gnome was not there at all. In any case our enemies died and we continued, finally reaching the locus and our “allies”. They claimed this was not a good place for us, and we agreed. This time, they sent us to a place that was actually of this world.

Unfortunately, as my friends and Vergil discovered, it was not a place we wanted to be. We were surrounded by our antagonists, the same antagonists that had stolen my Sword. They wished for us to come meet their employer, whom they claimed was also ours. In any case we were exhausted from the fighting earlier, and as their employer had somehow known this was where our party would pop back into reality he was not a man to cross. We followed.

Pulled Apart
Frey's Entry (6/16 and 6/23)

Although it took some encouragement (especially in Vergil’s case), we were able to avoid hostilities with the group of women facing us. They took us inside a cave which contained a portal. We had no other place to go, so we went through. It took us to a separate cave where we met the goblin who had originally grouped us together. He asked us questions about what we had experienced recently, and we reported what had happened at the locus. He suggested to us that we consider retrieving the war machine that we saw escape while trying to retrieve the dragonkin’s sword. As our meeting was coming to a close, we were harshly interrupted.

The four beings we encountered in the Void Space appeared and then quickly disappeared, taking our goblin employer with them. We were not left alone. Huge thorn bushes covered the exits, trapping us. At first we attempted to defeat these bushes, but it became quickly apparent that such efforts were not going to come to fruition. The bushes began to release a mist and two of the women disappeared after touching it for a time. The mist soon enveloped me as well. My companions insisted on continuing to fight against the bushes, but I sensed that it would be in better faith to allow myself to be taken. It seemed unlikely that My Lady would allow harm to come to me in this situation, and it would be more prudent to save my energy for whatever waited on the other side of the mist.

When I was taken, the world went dark. I woke up in a plain stone room. There seemed to be no immediate danger, but there was a stench that filled the air. I made my way out of the room, and the smell grew stronger. My eyes began to water and my vision blurred. Finally I encountered the source. A large monster made out of refuse. It was hostile, and I was forced into combat with it. It was admittedly more powerful than myself. I was beginning to formulate a plan of escape when The Black Sheep appeared and joined the fight. Together we were able to defeat the monster. We decided to explore the cave together. We discovered an orb which Black Sheep described as having some sort of ability to warp reality. I allowed her to take it because she seemed to know more about it than I did. We continued on through the cave. We encountered a mushroom person and some cave monsters. Those too we defeated.

While we walked, we talked. The Black Sheep proved an interesting companion if nothing else. She is quite skilled with her weapons as well as with healing. It sometimes seemed as though she were barely mad at all, but there were always small reminders of the fact. She insisted that we attempt to have fun in spite of the situation we found ourselves in. I will say that spending time was her slightly less harrowing than spending time with the bard. She was also able to answer several of my questions regarding The Church and the gnome Crosan. We eventually arrived in a large cavern where we found several of our companions who had already arrived there.


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