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  • Notes

    Quick References To all the basic campaign overview stuff. [[Pantheon Overview]] [[Races Overview]] [[Geography Overview]] [[The Current Political Situation]] [[Random Junk that's in the works or could get used]]

  • Pantheon Overview

    A quick reference to the deities around, and basic worship dynamics. [[Idestar]]: (pronounced E-deh-star) Goddess of Power, and Subjugation, usually not worshipped directly. Almost never worshipped by non-dragonborn. [[The Three Sisters]]: Goddesses …

  • Races Overview

    Forget everything you know about the races as traditionally depicted, this is a brand new bag [[Holderkin]]: Goblin Racial group, includes bugbears, goblins, and hobgoblins. * [[Hobgoblins]]: Very organized,very civilized, wholesale abandoned the …

  • Geography Overview

    [[Realm of the Ten Sunsets | Dak'Than]] is roughly crescent shaped, and is generally broken up into two major sections, the Northern Crescent which is much larger and less settled, and the [[Southern Crescent]] which is smaller and more civilized. …