And So It Begins wherein we encounter our heroes and they set forth in search of employ, at the behest of a mysterious figure!

Titanic Troubles wherein we encounter the War Titan, and it escapes causing all manner of unpleasantness. (other first appearances include The Sword and The Rival Team)

Wizardly Woes wherein The Wizard is introduced, and arcane mishaps abound.

The Trouble with Rifts Wherein the Waystation and it’s associated Rift incite a great deal of stress, various objects of power are discovered, and the Imminent War is declared.

A Timely Trek Wherein our heroes escape the Sundering by traversing Void Space, encountering the Prime Elementals along the way.

Waystation Warfare wherein our heroes battle Crosan in an attempt to escape the Waystation during the events immediately following the Sundering.

A Visit Below wherein our heroes meet with their shadowy employer and The Rival Team, until he is seemingly kidnapped by the Prime Elementals.

Escape! wherein our heroes are separated and must work together with their rivals to escape dangerous Undercaves.

River Rampage wherein our heroes and their rivals continue their escape down an underground river, encountering Hydros and the River Guardian.

Them! wherein our heroes face the unstoppable fury, the Terror, Horror, Excitement, and Mystery that is Giant Ants!

Egara Interlude Wherein our heroes and their rivals recover from their trials in Undercaves and Lucca and Vergil are cured of their poisoning. Also: our heroes and their rivals split ways.

In Search of Titans wherein our heroes journey through a smattering of trials in search of the War Titan

An Incident at Greenlake: Wherein our heroes encounter the unusual town of Greenlake and encountered Abrenaar beneath the town.


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