Races Overview

Forget everything you know about the races as traditionally depicted, this is a brand new bag

Holderkin: Goblin Racial group, includes bugbears, goblins, and hobgoblins.

  • Hobgoblins: Very organized,very civilized, wholesale abandoned the dragonborn cities after the fall and established their own towns which are much less developed and less populous than the dragonborn, they prefer small isolated towns. Most martial characters are hobgoblins or are hobgoblin trained.
  • Goblins: Chiefly live underground, and wield little influence on world events. Mechanically gifted, they live in fairly advanced and population dense cave cities. Goblins were perhaps the race that resisted Imperial rule most widely, largely by living deep underground and avoiding the empire as much as possible, and occasionally by raiding Imperial holdings from underground.
  • Bugbears: Flatly denied the civilizing influence of the Empire, although a not insignificant number chose to worship Nang-Nang-Tak and became enlisted as guardsmen patrolling the roads and outlying fortifications, as well as serving as enforcers at work cites. Several still serve as jailers, and other menial physical tasks within dragonborn cities, the rest live nomadic tribal lives. Bugbears are the race most associated with the primal magics, although all other races can access them, bugbears have much stronger traditions and lore regarding the primal arts.

Alfkin: Elf racial group includes Elves, Drow, Eladrin, Half-Elf, Gnomes, and Halfling. Gnomes and halflings are collectively known as Smallkin.

  • Eladrin: the first of the Alfkin to arrive, along with the gnomes. Eladrin are the longest lived and most gifted in arcane arts of the mortal races. Most Eladrin now live in Schools of Magic.
  • Elves: The elves began to spring up in great number within a few generations of the Eladrin, while Eladrin were gifted with the arcane arts, they lacked skill in other endeavors. Elves in turn were far less skilled at magics of most kinds, but showed remarkable skill as hunters, trackers, guides, and most chiefly as craftsmen.
  • Gnomes: The Gnomes arrived roughly contemporaneous to the Eladrin and were likewise gifted in arcana. While the Eladrin possessed perhaps greater talent, Gnomes specifically excelled at the usage of illusions as well as the usage of arcane constructs to a degree few Eladrin could achieve.
  • Halflings: Halflings have a relationship to Gnomes similar to the relationship between Elves and Eladrin, Halflings lack the raw arcane talent of Gnomes, but possess an incredible cunning with agriculture and delicate handiwork, making cunning thieves as well as crafting the constructs Gnomes so often employ.
  • Half-Elves: Half-Elves are not simply the result of Human/Elf breeding. In fact usually they are the result of interbreeding amongst the various Alfkin races, not quite as gifted in mystic arts as Eladrin, nor as skilled as Elves, Half-Elves make up for it with hardiness and adaptability.
  • Drow: Drow are descended from a clan of Eladrin who wished to rise above their brethren, to do so they made an allegiance with the powers of death and shadow, blackening the skin of their children and ultimately driving them to live appart from their fellows.

Humans: As a race Humans appeared only 300 or so years before the arrival of the Empire. Humans are highly adaptable and indomitable, and were often the favorite slaves of Dragonborn nobles and some even earned their freedom during Imperial reign.

Dragonborn: The Dragonborn arrived 510 years ago, sailing in massive air ships and waged a massive and brutal war across the entirety of Dak’than. Over thirty years they conquered everything and established an empire that lasted 400 years on the enslaved backs of the other races. Highly Religious, all the existing organized churches are of Dragonborn origin

Unterkin: Dwarf Racial group includes Dwarves, Duergar, and Mul

  • Dwarves: Considered to be as old as the Eladrin as a race, the Dwarves are highly skilled in the arts of mining and construction, as well as possessing considerable battle skill. The Dwarves were instrumental in the construction of the Empire, as they mined most of the stone and built the vast majority of Imperial buildings.
  • Duergar: Duergar descend from a Dwarven clan that attempted to rebel against the Empire in the early days by making pacts with infernal forces. They gained a particularly diabolical sort of magic that they employed to destroy the mine they were working in and escaped into deep caves, but many of them were recaptured and forced back into slavery.
  • Mul: Also known as Surface Dwarves, Mul are descended from those Dwarves who chose life on the surface. The reason that one of the original Dwarf clans chose surface life is long since lost, but Mul have a deep connection to the primal magics, living fairly nomadic lives.

Otherkin: The remaining races are collectively known as the otherkin, their origins are varied, but their numbers are fairly small and there is little to no unifying culture even among individuals of a particular race beyond familial groups.

Races Overview

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