All Lights Cast Shadows

A Sudden Change in Scenery

Regarding my experience from the time of my unlikely addition to the party to the present.

I would like to apologize for how abrupt this change is going to seem. So far in this record I have done my best to keep the story continuous, explaining how one thing led to another. I remember that you were always quite keen on seeing how one thing caused another. However, there is no way for me to piece the next part together in a way that fits. I myself am quite baffled by it.

As you will remember (being as clever as you are) I was last in the north attending to the matter of some hobgoblins. Things were going as well as expected when something curious happened. I began to feel faint and then I completely lost all sense of things. Oddly enough, when I awoke I was not still among the hobgoblins, but in quite a different situation! I found myself in a large underground cavern surrounded by strangers. I later discovered that I was no longer even in the north but had somehow been transported to the south. Kellen was able to find me even after all that, thankfully, but it should really be no surprise, he is a fantastic little partner, after all. A helpful fey who was there attempted to explain the situation. Apparently, I have been “merged” with some other poor fellow. She had no information on how this affliction could be corrected, so it seems for now I’m sharing space. I have to say though, it is quite an adventure.

Now, I feel that I must write about my new travelling companions! First is Tiberius, one of the sturdiest men I’ve had pleasure to meet. He seems like a decent enough fellow although he sometimes has a tendency to slip into nonsense. I suppose it could be from taking one too many blows to the head. Tiberius has a daughter, Jenna, who is traveling with us. She is quite the fiery little lady. She seems rather inquisitive as well. She reminds of you in a way. Next is Vergil, a noble dragonborn. You’ll be surprised to know that he is an arcanist. I know, I was shocked too! To think that there are dragonborn wandering around freely practicing the arcane arts, it certainly was a surprise. He is very pleasant, except when he chooses not to be. I’m afraid that I upset him greatly with my appearance though. He seemed quite distraught at the loss of his old comrade, repeatedly begging the fey for a means of bringing the other fellow back. Lastly is Johnny, who I think you would find the most interesting of all. He is a being made of crystal. He seems to use some sort of mental power in combat, not something I’ve seen before. He is very reserved, but he seems to be the brains of the group. I’ll be sure to include sketches of all of them so that you can see.

After leaving the cavern, we arrived in a small town, Greenpond or something of the like. Our stay there was brief however. It seems that this group of gentlemen was investigating some sort of arcane construction that has taken up residence in the nearby body of water. They seem to be intent on awakening it or something. They know very little about it, however, so they are seeking knowledge. From Jenna, we learned that an there was an arcanist’s tower nearby so we decided to go there to seek information. As we approached the tower, we were ambushed by some ghastly creatures. They apparently steal the skin of their victims! Thankfully, we did not fall prey to them. We entered the tower where we encountered even more of the villains. These too we dispatched, although it took some effort. I myself was heavily injured, but thanks to Vergil I made it through with my skin intact.

We decided to climb the tower in search of information. In this search, we have encountered many strange creatures. Small talking cats, a large talking cat, and a strange manifestation of arcane energy. These we have been able to deal with peacefully. They have also informed us that any useful information is located in the basement of the tower along with some being named Scholar. Our next move will be to head to this basement, I suppose.

It seems that I have become wrapped up in something very large, but I am not worried. After all, very large things always produce the most exciting stories.


bananulor TwoTonChimera

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